Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Shem Lachhman is the founder and CEO of Pelletric. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He specializes in packaging design and testing for implantable medical devices, sensor design, and micro-fabrication techniques. He has worked as an entrepreneur for the past 2.5 years where he pursued technologies for the implantable medical device market. He previously held several engineering and administrative positions.

Shem Lachhman

VP of Engineering

Joel Douglas, P.E. serves as the VP of Engineering. He has founded or co-founded 9 companies in the past twenty years with a number of successful exits. Douglas has been issued 96 U.S. patents on a wide range of inventions, granted registration of 13 U.S. trademarks, received clearance of 29 U.S. 510(k)s, 1 U.S. 513(g) ruling and numerous foreign patents. In addition to his companies, Douglas has effectively collaborated with other businesses to advance their technology and commercialization efforts.

Joel Douglas